Technology & Time (Updated)

One of my main problems (and I use that word intentionally) with high technology is the way it makes me feel busy and still prevents me from being productive.  Let’s break that down.

Keeps me busy:

With my cell phone, laptop, Facebook, and blog, I can stay in constant contact with either people or projects.  I’m catching up with family or friends.  I’m reading a good article.  I’m just checking the scores.  I’m writing a post.  I’m doing lesson plans.  I’m checking the bank account.  I’m looking for a good deal on Christmas gifts.  Obviously, I can stay busy with an Internet connection.

It prevents me from being productive:

When I don’t do the most important things first, all of the above activities can flush an entire evening down the pipes.  Before I know it, the sun is gone, Malaki is tired, and I have papers to grade.  As I just hinted, I think the key to solving this issue is doing the most important things first.

If I take care of my work responsibilities first, much less time will be spent on the interesting, but not-too-significant, news articles and sports stories.  In turn, homelife will benefit, too.

Update: Mike Tong just said the same thing.

Update 2: Is it just me, or is this a popular topic today?


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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One Response to Technology & Time (Updated)

  1. Cal says:

    Matt Chandler had a similar entry about things that inspire him and detract from his inspiration. It’s a good read and a good thing to think about.

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