Swine or lost sheep?

Last night, two Mormon missionaries came to our door.  It was terribly cold outside and I felt bad for them- walking around in parkas and hearing, “No, thanks” from house to house.  So, like a good citizen, I turned them away too.  Why did I decline their offer to hear, “A message about the book of Mormon.”?  Because 1) I didn’t feel like getting into an argument, 2) Kassie and I were watching a movie together, and 3) Malaki had just destroyed the kitchen and living room in his typical fashion.

As I closed the door after explaining that no, I hadn’t read the Book of  Mormon (entirely) and no, I didn’t have any questions about the Mormon message, I wondered if I had missed an opportunity.  Where theses two proselytizers swine, before whom I should not cast the pearls of the true gospel?  Or were they lost sheep of the elect, who would be saved by hearing and believing?

I wish I would have invited them in to talk for a while, so that I could have shared about my hope.  However, I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t have listened.  Maybe I should go knock on their door.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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2 Responses to Swine or lost sheep?

  1. I just returned from a mission like those you mentioned in your blog. I can’t speak for those two missionaries but I would have listened and continued to share the truths that I have found though my life’s journey. I hope you don’t miss a second opportunity Brother. Keep up the Good work with sharing Christ’s message. Thanks.


  2. Brian says:


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing the encouragement. After visiting your blog, I doubt that we would agree about what sharing Christ’s message means exactly, but I’m still thankful for your kind words.

    Mormonism is intriguing to me. I guess that’s mostly because I think many Protestants make straw-men out of some LDS teachings and don’t have fair arguments/debates.

    I would encourage you to really study the Bible and test your beliefs, man. Carefully read the Gospel of John, perhaps. I think your Dec 12 post on “Mormons are Christian” may have misrepresented some orthodox criticisms of Mormonism.

    Again, thanks for visiting and sharing.

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