Redeeming the Holidays

Matt Perman’s excellent blog What’s Best Next often puts the screws to me in terms of organization and time-usage.  Leave it to him to write a post about how to use the holidays.  May I have the discipline to pull it off.

The gist:

In fact, using the time around holidays well is one of the great secrets to productivity. It is a secret to productivity both in that it is a time that can be leveraged for “bonus” productivity and in that it is a time to more fully recharge, with the result that being more rested will make you more effective when things are back to normal.

In this broader sense, there are four purposes to holidays and the time around them:

  1. Develop relationships (new and existing)
  2. Rest
  3. Be productive in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t be
  4. Do something really interesting


The underlying principle here is: keep ordinary work away from you during the days around the holidays. That’s the way to make sure you recharge and make the most of your time with others, while creating some good memories and maybe getting some very useful stuff done.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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