That's why we're good together.

Kassie and I had this dialogue yesterday after leaving Sam’s:

Me: You know, that was fun.

Kassie: Yeah, it really was.

Me: Man, we must be pretty boring if going to Sam’s is our idea of fun.

Kassie: No, it just shows how interesting we are. We can do something boring like going to Sam’s and make it fun.

She’s the-glass-is-half-full type. I’m the-glass-is-going-to-spill-so-don’t-even-bother-to-fill-it type.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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2 Responses to That's why we're good together.

  1. Davis says:

    Either you’re good together or, like me, you’re getting older and it takes less and less to get excited.

  2. Brian says:


    Thanks for the comment. Good point, too. I suspect it’s a little of each.

    Not much can thrill me like 6 pounds of peanut butter and 48 Nutri-Grain bars.

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