Update on us.

For those friends and family out there (Hi, Mom!):

  • Kassie is, um, busy lately.  She’s due on April 18, but the doctor tells us that the baby will likely come this month.  We’re not allowed to travel and Kassie is supposed to be getting extra rest.  She finished her second degree over the winter and will officially graduate this summer.  Nesting, resting, organizing, cleaning, and keeping Malaki fed and clean.
  • Brian is wrapping up third quarter at the high school.  No word yet on graduate school.  He spends any spare time putting the finishing touches on our home and finding ways to serve with church.  Our house is still for sale, but several people have shown interest.  We’ll probably switch from “by owner” to a real estate agent soon.  Church league softball starts in May!
  • Malaki is changing.  His words include ball, bat (schweet!), car, Bible, out, please, hi, Michael, amen, and night-night. Lately, he likes to do pull ups and eat leaves.  Teeth number 7-10 are coming in, so Malaki hasn’t been sleeping too well lately.  He has also been working on growing out an awesome rat-tail.  We’re all looking forward to warm weather and more playing outside.
  • Baby Phillips is probably coming soon.  So far, everyone is healthy and growing at a good rate.  We’d be thankful for your prayers on our behalf.

About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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One Response to Update on us.

  1. Elizabeth Sauer says:

    Your family is so beautiful!

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