On This Day in (My) History…

St. Patrick’s Day has been an eventful day in my life (especially in recent years).   I thought now would be a perfect time to commemorate these special St. Patty’s Days.

  1. 1992 or 1993 – The Worst Day Ever:
    When I was a little girl my family and several other families would get together at every opportunity.  St. Patrick’s Day was one of these opportunities and we all loaded up into our Suburbans and went to AQ Chicken House in Springdale, AR. It had cheap kid’s meals (for the parents) and a sweet-awesome playground (for us) when we ate our obligatory 2-7 bites of food.  My favorite thing on the playground was a gorilla – he was made of concrete and we stood just about shoulder to shoulder.  I loved to run and jump on his back, but this time I forgot to jump.  Since I hit Mr. Gorilla while running, my left knee took the impact of my mistake.  I hobbled over to my dad (crying of course) and sat out the rest of the play-time.  Sad huh?  It gets better.  After sitting with my dad for a while I realized I needed to go to the little girl’s room – so I did.  And as I was sitting there (we all do it – don’t be embarrassed for me) the stall door fell down on me.  And thus, my freshly injured knee was re-injured.  Somehow we made it home that night without further incident – but as I was laying in my bed pondering the events of the day I began to itch.  Well, I called for my parents and it was decided that I would need to go to the Emergency Room.  The stress of the day had taken it’s toll on my little 7-8 year old mind and I was breaking out in hives.  The upside of this is that I got to wear new clothes to the ER.  I still remember my purple jean shorts and purple-striped shirt.  I was looking sharp.  To top the evening off, I got a shot in my leg with a needle as long as my leg.  That was the worst day…
  2. 2004 – Met My Future Husband:
    Yes, Brian and I met via phone at midnight.  (So, I guess it’s debatable if we met on the 17th or 18th of March).  My good friend, Megan, and I had decided to drive through the night – go to Kansas City and then come home.  (Did I mention that I was a freshman in college?) She called Jarrell, Brian’s friend and roommate, because it was his birthday (on the 18th).  Jarrell had to work the next day and wanted to go to bed.  He passed the phone over to Brian.  Megan didn’t really want to talk to Brian, so she passed the phone to me.  We (Brian and I) talked for about 1 1/2 hours without ever having met before.  I was pretty sure I had met someone special.  The rest, as they say, is history.
  3. 2007 – Found Out I Was Going To Be a Mommy:
    After going through a miscarriage in January of 2007, Brian and I were blessed (and surprised) to get a positive test on Sunday, March 17th, 2007.  Seven-ish months later, Malaki Brian Phillips was born healthy and happy.  We are so thankful for the fun he continues to bring into our lives.
  4. 2008 – The First of the Final Round of Dr. Appointments (for baby #2):
    Yes, that’s right.  I think today marks the start of weekly appointments and the start of the guessing game, “When will baby get here?”  It’s hard to believe it is already time for all of that fun to begin.   I’m looking forward to it though.  Brian, Malaki and I are all excited to meet our new addition (in a few weeks hopefully).

About Kassie Phillips

My name is Kassie. I am wife to Brian. I am mom to Malaki, Cora, & Jairus. We live in Southwest Missouri. Life for us is crazy, overwhelming, messy, and fun.
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One Response to On This Day in (My) History…

  1. Mary Sullivan says:

    I was just reading this. I remember the 92-93 incident. I don’t think I was there, but I remember all the details (probably because they were told over and over through various people) 🙂

    Ah AQ, what sweet memories…I think the hippo was my favorite. It was the most challenging to climb. If you held onto its teeth you could make your way up and over the open mouth and onto its back. This was quite an accomplishment, possibly made better by the fact that we were the oldest and thus most likely the only ones able to do it. (Do you remember locking Anna, Klare, and Rebekah out of your teal room? We must have spent hours just simply guarding the door) I think we once had a contest to see how many people could get on the hippo at one time…Then of course Ben threw up after my dad wound the tire swing up one too many times and after that he threw a fit any time we went…the end of the AQ era.

    Oh Kassie, I’m glad you reminded me of our fun.

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