When courtesy seems insincere.

When I get to the check-out at any given store, the cashier usually asks, “Did you find everything OK?”  I understand this is an employer-mandated attempt at customer service, but it just doesn’t make sense.

Consider with me:

  • If I hadn’t found everything, I wouldn’t be checking out yet.  I’d still be looking.
  • If you (the store) would really like to serve me (the customer), try saving the “Did you find everything OK?” for the isle where I’m looking perplexed, not the check-out.
  • I don’t need friendly cashiers.  Heck, I’d prefer they didn’t even talk.  Just scan everyone’s items as fast as is humanly possible; that’s what you’re here for.
  • I could, however, use friendly folks around the store.  Why is it that the shelf-stockers (who actually know where things are) are cranky and unapproachable, while the cashiers (who just need to scan and make change) try to act like they can help you find something.

So, let’s help people who look like they need it and save the friendliness for when we mean it.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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One Response to When courtesy seems insincere.

  1. Davis says:

    you make some excellent points — thanks for putting them out there

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