Cora Jewel – The name explained.

Names are very important to Kassie and I.  Maybe it’s just that we were both English majors in college.  At any rate, we really want(ed) to give our children names that mean something.

I wrote about Malaki’s name at my old blog, and wanted to continue that habit for Cora over here.

Cora – Some say James Fenimore Cooper invented the name, and that may be true.  We didn’t name our daughter for a Last of the Mochians character, though.  It’s also been called a Greek name that means “maiden” or even “heart.” Those are fine.  However, our Cora is named for her great-great-grandmother Cora Elizabeth Glidewell Durham Holt Sherman (she outlived three husbands).  Kassie’s dad’s grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian who really lived the Gospel in front of him.  He told us that she was the most significant spiritual influence in his life.  That’s a life worth emulating and a beautiful name to boot.

Jewel – This is for Kassie’s other great-grandmother.  Roxie Jewel Crelia is 98 years old and living in northwest Arkansas where Kassie grew up.  Her life is an amazing story of perseverance through pain and hardship.  She took Kassie’s mother (and aunts and uncle) into her home from childhood after their parents died in a single-engine plane crash.  She raised her children and grandchildren to love the Lord above anything else.  We’re thankful to still see her throughout the year and we’re looking forward to a photograph of someone born in 1910 holding someone born in 2009.

There you have it.  We love the name, it’s beauty, and the stories behind it.

For what it’s worth, Phillips means “lover of horses.”  We didn’t get to pick that one, but horses are cool. Philip was a disciple, so that’s got to count for something, right?


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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