Cora Update II

Update for the evening:

Kassie and Cora are spending the night at the hospital.  I’m staying at our house because I have to go to work tomorrow (used my sick leave for Cora’s birth).  Malaki is staying with my folks.

Cora is doing alright.  She still has episodes of apnea, which make us all nervous.  She’s seen a lot of the business-end of the booger-sucker-outer today.

A few of the elders from church came to the hospital to pray for Cora and Kassie and I.  Our strength comes from the Lord.

In terms of prayer requests, Cora’s breathing would be numero uno.  After that, Kassie and I are both fighting some depression-esque feelings.  It’s pretty tough to deal with one child being really sick and then the other child has to stay with someone else (even if they’re family) for several days.  It just makes you feel lonely and crummy as a parent.  Also, Kassie and I have been so focused on getting the kids healthy that we haven’t spent more than a few hours alone in the last two weeks.  That just compounds everything.

Thanks again to everyone who cares.  Your emails, facebook comments, and phone calls are encouraging.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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