Cora Update IV

Home again for the night.  Here’s the latest:

Cora has been off and on in terms of the oxygen progress.  As long as her nose and mouth are clear of mucus, her blood/oxygen levels are good.  When she gets stuffed up, her oxygen drops too much.  All in all, she’s progressing on that front and might get to come off of oxygen soon.

Both her RSV and pneumonia seem to be going away rather than getting worse.  That’s not for sure, but we’re optimistic.

Cora is pretty cooperative, but all the cords and tubes make her uncomfortable.  She is eating alright, but her IV causes some pain, so she’s not eating like she used to.  Pray that will improve.  She is gaining weight though, which is a really good thing.

It’s now Tuesday night and Kassie and I are still hoping that everyone can come home on Thursday or Friday.  It will be really nice to have all four of us under one roof again.  I think we all miss each other.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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