Cora Update V

Wednesday night:

Today was a good day for Cora.  Her blood tests came back with good results and the doctor took her off the antibiotic IV.  Her oxygen is turned way down, but she can’t go totally without it yet.  The nurses tried a few times to let her go without extra oxygen, but her levels went down too far, so for now she has to have just a little help.  Hopefully, she can be weaned off sometime tomorrow.

Kassie finally got to leave the hospital for about an hour this evening while I stayed with Cora.  We watched baseball together.  Well, I watched; she took a nap.

We’re still hoping for continued progress, good breathing, and a release from the hospital this week.  Again, we’re really grateful for all the people who have prayed for us and shared encouragement.  Thank you!


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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