Look What God Has Done!

Six months ago today, I was in the hospital with my newborn daughter.  I wanted to tell this story as a reminder of how good God is.

It was 6:15am on April 13, 2009 when I realized Cora wasn’t breathing.

She had been sick for about five days.  Malaki was sick with a bad cold, and she caught it. I had been listening to her cough all night.  She would cough, then catch her breath and go on sleeping.  At 6:15,   she coughed and  didn’t catch her breath afterwards.  I picked her up. I laid her flat on her back.  I slapped her back. Nothing worked, and I was starting to panic.  So, I ran into our room and told Brian, “I can’t get her to breathe!”  He blew in her mouth, she spit up and opened her eyes.   This was an improvement, but she still wasn’t breathing.  By now she was turning blue.  Brian gave her back to me. I did CPR. He called 9-1-1.   I won’t ever forget her eyes… watching me, asking me to help…

That was the scariest moment of my life.

The ambulance came, the firetruck came, the police came… about a hundred official looking people crowded into our 900 square foot house.  I was half numb, half painfully alert as they asked us questions about where she was sleeping, what medicine we had given her, blah, blah blah…  All the while, I’m standing there in my pajamas, holding a huge oxygen mask over my tiny daughter’s face.

She was breathing again.  The CPR worked.

Later that day Cora and I were in the hospital and Brian brought me my camera.  I didn’t notice it until he was gone and I was talking to my Mama on the phone.  I said, “Brian brought my camera.  That’s nice, but why in the world would I want to remember this?”  She answered, “Take some pictures, then put them away for a while. Later on we can look back and say, “Look what God has done!””

Well, look what he has done: Cora is six months and thirteen days old now.  She is healthy, happy, fat, and breathing without help.  It’s still pretty emotional when I look at the pictures of our time in the hospital, but I can recognize some of the blessings now.

God would have been good if He hadn’t alerted me that Cora wasn’t breathing.

He would have been good if I didn’t know CPR.

He still would have been good if He had taken her from us.

But – He alerted me when she couldn’t breathe, reminded me of my CPR training, and He gave her back to us.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end; […]
But, though he cause grief,
He will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love.
Lamentations 3:22,32 (ESV)

Look What God Has Done…

April 2009 October 2009




Six Months

Sunny Cora

Wires and Cords


About Kassie Phillips

My name is Kassie. I am wife to Brian. I am mom to Malaki, Cora, & Jairus. We live in Southwest Missouri. Life for us is crazy, overwhelming, messy, and fun.
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4 Responses to Look What God Has Done!

  1. Klaire says:

    She’s such an amazing little girl. God really blessed this family by allowing her to stay with us.
    And this made me cry.

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