A Toddler's View of the Gospel

We went to drive through an area Christmas light display tonight and had a great time.  Malaki loved the lights, Kassie got some Starbucks, and Cora took a nice, long nap.  On our way home, Malaki spouted this from the backseat:

“Adam and Eve disobeyed God.”

response: “That’s right; Adam and Eve did disobey God.  Do you know what happened next?”

Malaki: “It hurt.”

[silence, wondering if he is connecting sin to discipline]

Malaki: “Jesus was hurt.”

What a way to encapsulate the story of the Gospel! Adam and Eve sinned. Pain entered the world.  Ultimately, Jesus was killed as a sacrifice for sin.  I think God gives parents little encouragements like this to help us to continue with parenting that is focused on Him.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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