More quotes on Spain

From Spain, by Hugh Thomas:

…Spain was never exposed to the Protestant Reformation, surely one of the most significant upheavals of modern history.  Indeed, Spain was the source, the center and the motive power of the Counter Reformation.


One traveler observed that “Spain is a rumpled lion skin.” “Africa,” according to an old saying, “begins at the Pyrenees.” And ancient parable puts it this way: “When God created Spain, He allowed the Spaniards three wishes.  They choose to have the most varied climate in the world, the most beautiful women and the most delicious foods and fruit and wine, and God agreed.  But after a bit they came back demanding a forth wish: to have a good government.  And God said, ‘That is too much to ask.’ ”


The (…) monarchs  finally conquered Granada in 1492.  The Reconquista was thus complete.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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