Equipping & empowering women in the local church

Darrin Patrick says something in his new book that I’ve become increasing concerned about:

There is absolutely no indication in Scripture that gender plays any role in God’s sovereign distribution of spiritual gifts. It is troubling that those who love the Bible tend to focus on what women can’t do instead of what they can do. The focus, unfortunately, is on the restriction rather than on empowerment. In general, complementarian churches have done a deplorable job of equipping and empowering women to use their God-given gifts in the church. I believe women can use any gift that God has given them in the church and that only the office of elder is reserved for men.

Is your church eager and intentional in serving women?

Is your church as happy to cultivate the gifts in women as it is to cultivate the gifts in men?

Are there avenues (not just childcare) in your corporate worship gathering for women to exercise their gifts?

Are there opportunities in your small groups for women to exercise their gifts?

Does your church teach you how to discern gifts, both for men and women, beyond the gift of preaching/teaching?

Why does your church have men doing things that women could do just as well or better? Is it tradition, sexism, or just ignorance?

Remember, only the office of elder is restricted to men.  Why exclude women from roles they can fill and do harm to the body of Christ?

(thanks to the DG blog for pointing me to this quote) This looks like a good book.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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2 Responses to Equipping & empowering women in the local church

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Brian. Important considerations which impact all of us. Jennifer

  2. Amen Brian. Our small Reformed Baptist church, Grace Baptist Chapel, has been doing a series called “Ekklesia” and Ryan, our pastor, has been expositing 1 Timothy line by line. He is making the biblical case for a plurality of elders ( we are still under the traditional southern baptist model of one Pastor and several Deacons) , therefore freeing up women to be able to serve in the role of Deacon. I’m thankful for our church and its willingness to change as the scripture commands, rather than be stuck in it’s ways. Praise God for his sovereign hand.

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