Help Wanted

We love World Harvest Mission and wanted to share some fantastic opportunities for our friends who have a desire to see God glorified around the world.

Location: Bundibugyo, Uganda

Director for Christ School: This person will focus on the school’s spiritual, academic and financial health, serve as chairman of the school’s board, interact with the community in respect to the educational needs of the district, and mentor and work alongside the headmaster and staff. Three or more years in educational administration is desired.

This job is near to my heart.  Please spread the word about this need. You can read more about the work in Bundibugyo by visiting the blogs of our friends: the Johnsons and the Myhres.

Contact Ginny Barnette ( if you are interested.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Campus ministry: Do you have a desire to reach university students with the gospel in one of the neediest cities in Europe? New City Wien (WHM church plant) is reaching out to university students in the heart of Vienna.

This sounds like an exciting and compelling opportunity. Contact David Leppert ( if you are interested.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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