To Malaki Brian Phillips, on your third birthday.

Dear Malaki,

Happy Birthday, son.  You were so happy this morning when Mommy and I told you that it is your birthday.  You even said that you feel like you are three today, not two anymore.  You asked if you could have a zebra cake for breakfast, but we’ll save that for after supper.  We asked you if you wanted company, but you said you just want to eat with your family.

I’m sitting at my computer at work, trying not to cry as I write this to you.  I’m not sad, just overwhelmed when I think about how much I love you.  Besides your mommy, no one has ever made me happier than you.  You make me very happy.  I’m sure Cora and Jairus will bring the same joy one day, but you and I have some special memories from these past three years.

Your mommy and I were surprised when when found out she was pregnant with you, but we were very glad.  God sent you to us to comfort us in a time when we were very lonely.  I knew you would be a boy, even before you were born.

You are a very smart boy.  God has given you a special mind.  Much earlier than anyone expected, you began to speak words and sentences clearly.  Mommy can be looking for something in the house and ask you where it is because you usually know.  You’re very curious and always asking questions about why things work.  It makes you sad when someone is hurt and you want to know what caused their pain.

Your favorite things are animals (especially dogs, dinosaurs, and horses); being outside; working on things with a hammer or other tool; reading books; catching bugs; watching movies like Balto, Hotron Hears a Who, and The Incredibles (you like heroes); and playing with Cora.

You like to tackle me and play baseball (you had a great hit last week!).  Anytime I ask you who loves you the most, you say, “Mommy!” but we remind you that the real answer is Jesus.  I can see why you would think Mommy loves you the most, because she takes care of you everyday.

You love to talk about the world.  We pray for Dunel, our friend in Haiti.  You and Cora are learning Spanish words and love to listen to Spanish songs.  We have a big map by the table and you like for me to point to different places and tell you about the place and who we know living there.

Your mom and I are trying to learn how to be good parents.  We make a lot of mistakes, but every night we pray for you and Cora and Jairus.  All we want is for you to love God with all your heart and to know that He loves you, too.

I will always love you, Malaki.  Nothing you ever do (or don’t do) will change that.  Thank you for being so happy to see me when I come home from work.

Every single day of my life I will pray for you and your future wife and children.  Our Enemy wants to kill and destroy you.  He will whisper beautiful, cancerous lies to you.  But we have a God who will never lie.  He loves you even more than I do and wants nothing more than for you to love Him, too.

Enjoy your day, my joyful, energetic son.  You are very special.




About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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2 Responses to To Malaki Brian Phillips, on your third birthday.

  1. From Malaki, “Can we read it again?”

  2. Brian Phillips says:

    I’ve got to stop reading it at work. My students will think something is wrong because tears well up in my eyes.

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