We need to be dependent on God and His people

Randy Alcorn on the finances of EPM:

Eternal Perspective Ministries has been supported by many donors over the years. Their prayers and kind gifts allow us to continue giving all the royalties away to God’s kingdom, so that every time a book is sold, it not only touches lives through its words, but also through the income it generates. Meanwhile EPM and its staff, including Nanci and I, have the benefit of people’s hearts being where they’ve put their treasure—so we receive not only financial support, but prayer.The book royalties far exceed the amount our ministry spends to operate. So why don’t we just hold on to them and pay our own way, so no one needs to support us? Because we believe we need to depend on God, and on his people. If we knew where the money was coming from every month, we wouldn’t be as dependent.

[emphasis mine]

(via Challies)


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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