Adopted and resting, not proving our worth

Mark Priestap:

We are like an adopted child trying desperately to prove to his adoptive parents that he deserved to be adopted. Can that child ever rest in that condition? Can he enjoy his parents or be thankful for them? Can he ever freely love them? He will only labor on as a slave to his own imagination.

But we who are in Christ (who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit by faith in Christ alone) have been adopted by God the Father! He has made us alive in Christ for his own name’s sake! Can the promises of God be revoked? Will you prove to your adoptive father that you are his? What more can you do than Christ? Take no more confidence in the flesh and rest wholly on Christ, repenting of unbelief. (This is a daily prayer for me.)

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About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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2 Responses to Adopted and resting, not proving our worth

  1. jay @ bethegospel says:

    Good stuff, good stuff. Resting in who i am in the eyes of my Father is a hard thing to do. Its always been hard for me, even before I knew I was working to get His love. But I continue on in resting.

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