“Don’t Make Me Count To Three!”

“Now let’s talk about my greatest challenge today… and every day. It is raising these two precious children in the ways of the Lord. God does have an important job for me, and it does require much skill. It is my calling, my priority, my struggle, and my goal. I will rise to the occasion and accept the task at hand. I will love, nurture, and train  my children the way God has called me to do.”

“When we respond to the high calling of motherhood with passion, the rewards are far greater than any we could ever gain outside of that calling. The joys of motherhood are rare and beautiful treasures that can easily be missed if we don’t seize the opportunity to grab them.”

(from: Don’t Make Me Count To Three, by Ginger Plowman)

Brian just got me this book for my birthday and I steal every moment I can get to read from it. I feel like I have SO much to learn in the area of parenting my children’s hearts. This book is written specifically to mothers and I am really excited to read it.

My goals for this book are: 1. to read it (and actually finish it); 2. to review it here on the blog.  Let me just warn you that it has taken me a full week just to write this post.  We just moved, and the kids are less than settled. For me, this means, inconsistent nap-times, wake up times and therefore, basically zero productive non-kid time. That being said, bear with me; I’ll do my best. Right now, I’m mostly focused on making our family less crazy.


About Kassie Phillips

My name is Kassie. I am wife to Brian. I am mom to Malaki, Cora, & Jairus. We live in Southwest Missouri. Life for us is crazy, overwhelming, messy, and fun.
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2 Responses to “Don’t Make Me Count To Three!”

  1. Lindsey says:

    This one is on my list of books I want to read!

  2. It has been a long time since I read a book… I think I read one this summer. Your book list post made we want to read more; those sounded like books I would enjoy. I think this one will be a good start. 🙂

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