Life in a Photoshop World

My sister-in-law is a photography major at art school in Chicago. So, when we see her this weekend, we’re going to have her take family pictures for us. We need to get some fancy-schmancy missionary prayer cards made soon, so that people can have a picture of our family on their fridge for the next five years. Kinda intimidating to think that this picture with represent me into my early thirties.

With pictures in mind, I told Kassie that I’ll be working outside this week so that I’ll be tan for the family photo. She said that she’d like to be tan for the picture, too. I reassured her, “Karolyn can just make you tanner with Photoshop.” No big deal, right? Happens every day. Besides, we’re talking public perception for half a decade.

That conversation reminded me of friend of mine. He likes to share online about how great life is; fantastic, happy inter-personal relationships and all. A while back I observed this friend’s life and realized it’s not as perfect as he shares online; lots of pain and anger and frustration.

I do this, too. I’ll post on facebook or twitter about the clever, funny, or impressive things that my kids do, but I don’t talk about the meal with three crying kids and two frazzled parents. I’ll share a good link online about getting to the heart of sin, but in real life I’ll give Malaki and Cora a giant pretzel at Sam’s Club so they’ll stop embarrassing me. I talk about how grateful I am for Kassie, but deal with her at home with selfishness and subtle manipulation.

I’ll write a blog post about not being fake, when I should just turn off the computer and go be a real dad and husband.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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One Response to Life in a Photoshop World

  1. Ashlie says:

    Liked your last comment…”when I should just turn off the computer and go be a real dad and husband”. I can relate (as a mom/wife), so true! Good post.:)

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