If They Only Knew – Trip Lee

Trip Lee‘s debut album If They Only Knew dropped in 2006, just a few days after trip graduated from high school. Born and raised in Dallas, Trip Lee’s real name is William Lee Barefield III. He now lives in Philadelphia, PA where he and his wife are a part of Epiphany Fellowship.

If They Only Knew is a an album focused on Gospel foundations. As the title implies, it seems that Trip Lee’s focus was unpacking the essentials of the Gospel to a generation and culture that simply doesn’t know Jesus.

The overall sound a tight, quick, pulsing beat that would would expect to come from Texas. Occasionally, they slow things down like the mini-song “Good News Pt. 1”- which is a silky, piano driven track with lots of snare. Of all Reach Records artists, Trip Lee’s sound is my favorite. All three of his albums (more reviews coming this summer) have fantastic beats underneath catchy, intelligent lyrics. Trip’s writing and rapping are exceptional. He features solid and deep metaphors and an easy-on-the ears flow and his debut album is no exception.

Back to this specific project, Trip Lee covers several essential topics including living for God’s glory, the dangers of materialism, finding love in Christ (rather than extra-marital sex), evangelism, modesty, human depravity, prayer, and standing against sin in pop culture. The lyrics are rich, orthodox, and Gospel-centered.

My favorite tracks: Give Him Glory, Who You Rollin’ Wit, Cash or Christ, Cryin’ Out, Let’Em Know, and the 3 “Good News” songs (parts 1, 2, &3).

You can buy it at Reach Records,  Amazon, or on iTunes.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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