Are you curious?

One of my favorite family activities is visiting the zoo. If I didn’t have kids, zoos would probably seem annoying and crowded, but taking a two- and three-year old makes the day so much fun.

Our kids are amazed at all the colors and shapes of animals. They love seeing the animals from Planet Earth up close and personal. Watching a lion or a giraffe on a screen is one thing, standing on the other side of the fence from one is another.

Do you have the same wonder and curiosity as you live the day-to-day? Even though my kids know what a polar bear looks like, being present when once slides into the water makes them giggle with joy. Where in your life could the mundane thing (the thing you know is true about God) become a fresh experience?

I want to encourage you to let your mind wonder a little bit. If I can use the term, consider dreaming with God. Ask Him, how are you going to amaze me today, Father? To live a day of expectant curiosity is to be refreshed. My most peaceful days are the ones where I expect God to be glorified in the world around me and then end up smiling because, in some way, I saw it happen.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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