The conquering of Granada in 1492 has consequences today

I learned some Andalusian history from this Times article, written after the Madrid bombings in 2004. It discusses how the Crusades and Reconquista fuel fundamentalist Islam even now.

A few good quotes for Americans to heed:

To judge Islam by bin Laden is as idiotic as judging Christianity by the murderous standards of the Crusaders, or the Basques on the basis of Eta.

With our foreshortened historical memories in the West, we see the War on Terror through a prism of recent events: Afghanistan, the Gulf War, the presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia. But in truth the landscape of Islamic memory stretches to a more distant horizon: to the Christian flag unfurling over the Alhambra, the great 14th-century Muslim fortress of Granada, and the Crusades that preceded it.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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