Advent for families with little kids

We’ve been looking high and low for some good advent material. We want joyous and insightful content, sure, but equally important is do-ability. What I mean is: we have little kids with little kid-sized attention spans. As much as I wanted to be cool and use the Advent guide from the Village Church, it ain’t happenin’.

Click this image for a free PDF of the devotional

As of last night it looked like our kids (ages 4, 2.5, and 1) would just get the standard night time Bible stories, songs, and prayer while Kassie and I would try to do something more Adventy… And then our awesome friend Emily shared about a free Advent devotional that she wrote for the families in her church. I’ve read the whole thing and we’re definitely going to be using it.

My favorite features:

  • It’s weekly. I think this is a good frequency for us right now. We’re much more likely to start something that we actually believe we can finish. Couple the weekly Advent devotions with an Advent candle at supper and you’re set.
  • “Making it stick” – This part of each lesson carries on throughout the week. Again, perfect for our stage in life.
  • It’s pertinent. Our kids have been and will be experiencing lots of Christmas trees, lights, gifts, music, and food. Now these seasonal experiences will point to Jesus and His story, not just parties and fun. I like parties and fun, but I love when they also point to Jesus.
  • It’s written by a dear friend. Emily has been my friend for about a decade now and to Kassie and I she’s our version of Polly Carey. Knowing the author makes the Advent devotional that much more meaningful.

You can get the Advent devotional and sticker page for free from The Crossing in Columbia.

UPDATE: You can hear how one family used this devotional by reading here.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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  2. Morrie says:

    If I commniuacted I could thank you enough for this, I\’d be lying.

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