It’s the Same God

Our kids love the stories and pictures in the “Read-Aloud Bible Stories” series from Ella Lindvall. Thanks to grandparents, I think we have three of the four books in the series.

A few nights ago, they wanted to hear about David and Goliath. The last page of the story goes like this:

David was not afraid.

He knew he had a helper.

David’s helper was God.

YOU don’t need to be afraid.

You have a helper too.

Your helper is ____.

And the kids, like usual, exclaimed, “God!” Next, Malaki said something that summed up one key purpose of the Old Testament. He said, “And it’s the same God!”

The same God. Isn’t that the point of these ancient accounts? They weren’t written to teach us that “little guys can do big things, too,” or to just provide some historical proof or facts about God. The Old Testament was written to remind us that the same God who did these unbelievable things over and over in the past is the same God we are trusting in today. He hasn’t changed.

The God who used a boy to kill a giant is the same God watching over my kids in this new, strange city. He’s watching over my aging grandparents and all my extended family while we are apart. He is providing our grocery and rent money.

Nothing could overpower the God of thousands of years ago, and we have the same God today.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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