Outsourcing Redemption

Here in our neighborhood, the sidewalks are pretty dirty. Litter, trash, empty bottles, dog poop, and more are part of our new normal. The other day I looked down from our apartment and wondered to myself, “When is somebody going to come and clean this stuff up?”

Then I was reminded that I’m as capable as the next guy when it comes to acquiring a broom and trash bag.

I often look for someone else to fix the problems I see. It can go like this:

  • When I’m feeling spiritually “low” I look for a sermon or book from a teacher with a reputation of rich thoughts.
  • When the finances are a bit tight, I search for another budget idea or brain-storm some new financial support ideas.
  • Cleanses or new work-out routines hold more appeal than regular exercise and sugar-limiting.

In each case, I almost always know the best solution before seeking outside help, but it’s easier to find a way to shift the burden instead of taking responsibility for myself. Really, searching for a new solution can often be a way to procrastinate.

Instead of heading down to the sidewalk with some gloves on, we stay in the living room and wish the city would send a work crew.



About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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