When Jesus isn’t enough

My attitude reveals that Jesus isn’t enough when:

  • It’s embarrassing to mess up my new language again and I’d rather be more closed and cautious than willing to make mistakes. I need to impress people.
  • My kids look cute or behave well and someone notices. I must be pretty good at this.
  • My kids mess up or disobey in public. Don’t they know we need to set the example?
  • Finances are tight or income isn’t regular and consistent. Do God and our friends at home not remember what it cost us to move here?
  • Genuine concern for others doesn’t change their heart or behavior. You mean my love isn’t a magic potion of life-change?

So when is Jesus enough? One answer (the objective one) is Always. The truth is that Jesus is always enough for everyone. My experiential reality is that Jesus is enough for me when:

  • I’m willing to become like a little child and consider myself nothing. When being a servant in the house of the King of the Universe sounds like a great job.
  • When my faults and deficiencies (like my imperfect parenting) aren’t secrets to be swept under the rug, but public displays of my daily need for new grace and mercy. A compliment doesn’t send me soaring just like a criticism doesn’t destroy me.
  • When I remember that my Father owns the universe and he’s promised to take care of me. I don’t have what I deserve, I have more. He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep (including a saving account) to gain what he cannot lose.

I think one reason we encounter pain and difficulties in life is because God wants to show us just how conditional our peace of mind is. When the easy things and the crutches and life as-we-know-it are put into jeopardy, we find out how much we “need” those things.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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