Don’t be threatened by emerging leaders

I don’t lead any leaders (or anyone else) right now, but I’m trying to raise a few leaders here at home. This advice is great, and I want to remember it if and when I am trying to cultivate leaders.

“If you are a leader who is attempting to create a climate where leaders will emerge, don’t be surprised when those you are cultivating and pushing have expectations higher than your own. Don’t be surprised when they question how you have chosen to do things or when they seek to change the status quo. If you sense their desire to improve things and panic or reach for the reins, you will miss the opportunity to see something amazing emerge. You cannot expect to create a climate where leaders will thrive and expect it to be a climate of serenity. Leaders, the good ones, tend to be hungry and passionate and sometimes destructive. Don’t get too upset when they challenge what you have established – this isn’t a sign of failure – this is a sign of success.”

— Dr. Nathan Mellor

[via Character First]


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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