It’s easy to pump the brakes

Usually, the naysayers have the most power. It’s easy to kill new ideas with a barrage of doubting questions. We can always wait for more information before acting. Playing it safe and slow is the trump card.

If your business exists to love and serve people, the new ideas and dreams should be celebrated, not doubted. Innovative proposals should be considered good by default. The onus needs to be on the doubters, not the do-ers. Innocent until proven guilty.

In the same way, churches need to be driven by love, optimism, and forgiveness. Is your leading elder the one who is the most skeptical, or the most forgiving?

I’m much better at saying these things than I am at implementing them in practice. I’m a doubter; I see the holes and why it won’t work. I wait for people to clean up their act before I validate their profession of a changed heart. And here I am hoping and praying to grow.

But when I read the Bible and I see the groups who really serve people, what I see is not cynicism. The prodigal son is welcomed back without any good deeds to show his dad.

We can always, always find faults. It’s easy and lazy. When someone goes too far with his grace preaching or risk taking, the easiest way to get people to look at you is to be a skeptic. Reel him in, before he does something irresponsible like love sinners or go to a party with untouchables.

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** footnote – Because it’s easy to assume the worse, I want to say that my current job and the recent churches I’ve been a part of are excellent examples of forgiving, risking, and being optimistic. Here’s to more people enjoying the kind of leaders I’ve been privileged to to call my boss or pastor.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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