Richard Feyman on the pleasure of finding things out

I’m not trying to turn this into a blog with just videos, but I wanted to share this excellent interview with Richard Feynman. His words about layers of beauty and how science increases enjoyment, rather than diminishing it, are excellent.

I’m really thankful for a class I took in college, “Science: Man and the Universe” where I learned to see God’s beauty in seemingly unlikely things like ratio, scale, incomprehensible numbers, and Bill Bryson’s writings.

A portion of the class focused on Feynman and his book, Six Easy Pieces. Although not a Christian (as far as I know), Dr. Feynman is a example to us all about appreciating the beauty of the universe- especially in science-, and working hard to communicate complex things in a engaging manner.

Enjoy this following video!


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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