The Science of Productivity

This video shares some good insights and tips. I have found that a deliberate schedule of my time and a big wall calendar are two essential tools for productivity and meeting goals.

When I wanted to begin running, posting my running calendar (dates and distances, including rest days) on the fridge made a world of difference and allowed me to stick with the plan to train for a 5K and 10K. Keeping this calendar in my mind, like I used to do, is a recipe for falling off the wagon.

For all of us, taking 15 minutes each evening to plan the next day (or do this first thing each morning if you prefer) can help us use our days much more effectively and intentionally. You can start this today: just add a simple to-do list (keep it realistic) and an hourly schedule to your life.


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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