U.S. Trip Recap: Getting There

We visited the U.S. several weeks ago, mainly for Kassie’s sister’s wedding. Also, we had the chance to celebrate my mom’s birthday, see some friends and family, and speak at a few churches.

Getting to America from Spain was an adventure. We checked-in at our tiny local airport to connect to Madrid. Our flight here was delayed a few hours, thus putting our connection from Madrid to Dallas in jeopardy. Thankfully, several people on our flight had the same connection, and we all made it to the big, international plane just in time. I wish I could say the same for our luggage.

In Dallas, our bags didn’t come off the conveyer belt after immigration. The extremely unhelpful baggage helpers filled out some paperwork for us, and we cleared customs and headed to our final place. According to the monitors and our itinerary, we were going to almost miss our flight. A rush through the enormous DFW airport ensued.

At the gate, we learned that our flight was delayed. At this point we’d been traveling about 18 hours. A few more hours of waiting, and we boarded. Unfortunately, the door broke as the flight attendant closed it, and the plane was unsafe to fly. We were all asked to de-board after waking our kids (But, sir! Can we stay on? Our kids just fell asleep after traveling for over 20 hours… Please?) and wait at the gate.

The agent said it would be about 3 hours before we could leave, so we begged our way onto another flight. After an hour and a half, we were in the air again and on our way to northwest Arkansas. Kassie’s family greeted us, we filled out some more paperwork about our missing bags, ate some Chick-fil-A which had been waiting about 4 and a half hours on us, and headed to Kassie’s parents’ farm. On the way, Jairus surprised us all with an episode of vomiting in the car. Kassie and I got to sleep sometime around 2 or 3 AM; we can’t remember.

If only this would have been the most adventurous and stressful day of the trip.

More to come!


About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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