Peter Hubbard on Christians and alcohol

If you are wondering what the Bible says about alcohol, or maybe more importantly if you have your mind made up and you think you know exactly what the Bible says about alcohol, I strongly recommend this sermon to you.

Whether you’re on one extreme, the other, or somewhere in the middle (like me), this sermon will be helpful. You’ll find your assumptions and current attitude challenged and probably rebuked. I know I was convicted by this sermon. Hubbard’s conclusions might surprise you.

May we be known not as people who drink or don’t drink, but as people who really, really love each other and take the Bible seriously.

And here’s to more sermons like this one, willing to talk about hard issues with an attitude of humility and grace. It’s beautiful to see a topic discussed in this manner where people with strongly different opinions should all be able to walk away and say, “He was faithful to the Bible and kind to people of all convictions.”

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About Brian Phillips

Brian lives in Spain with Kassie and their kids.
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