On Faith and the Prodigal Cat.

On May 4th, at about midnight, our cat (Roy Rogers) accidentally jumped from our 3rd floor balcony and down to the street. He escaped the love of three robust and busy kiddos, consistent food and water, and a chair of his (basically) very own.

Missing Poster (Roy)

We searched like crazy for the first week. Asked neighbors, local businesses, the veterinary clinic… Friends came over to help us search under cars and in other unlikely places. A lot of tears fell.

The second week, we started putting things away that reminded the kids of Roy. We were still keeping our eyes open, but not expecting anymore to find him. Over and over we were surprised by the people in out community that asked us if we had found him yet, and encouraged us that it was still possible.

But then on Thursday, while Brian and Malaki were heading to basketball practice, they saw a flash of grey and white in the alley. It dissapeared quickly, but they were pretty sure it was Roy. Brian dropped his to-do list, and went out on the search again. He called some cat-loving friends, Jamie and Eddie, and they searched until 11:45pm. They found him, but couldn’t catch him.

The next afternoon, Brian and Jamie put on some old clothes, and crawled under a locked door, into the empty storefront where Roy was hiding out. Eddie, the kids and I waited outside. We were just hoping to catch him if he ran out. (or explain to police or neighbors who questioned us)

About 10-15 minutes in, Brian called out, “Eddie, Malaki – get ready. I have something for you.” and he passed Roy under the door and we put him safely back in his carrier. (And went directly to the vet.)


I admit that I did not expect to find Roy after those first few days passed. I just didn’t think it could happen. And I thought if we did manage to catch him, he would come back so wild that he couldn’t be safe to keep. Well, I was wrong on all counts.

Brian and Jamie - Cat Rescuers

The one of us that had faith that his pet would return was Malaki. He prayed every day that God would keep Roy safe and bring him home. He told me of times at school that he would stop working, close his eyes, and pray. And when Roy appeared again, no one was more surprised than Brian and I, but no one was less surprised than Malaki. And no one was happier, (except maybe the culprit himself, who will not stop meowing unless someone is touching him).

So we’re thanking God today for bringing home the prodigal cat once again, and for giving us an example of childlike faith, even when it’s hard.

Together Again

(*All pictures for this post are courtesy of Malaki’s camera)


About Kassie Phillips

My name is Kassie. I am wife to Brian. I am mom to Malaki, Cora, & Jairus. We live in Southwest Missouri. Life for us is crazy, overwhelming, messy, and fun.
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